Photography has been a passion of mine for in excess of fifty years. I do not intend saying much here, instead I shall give you the links to some of my photo sites.


passionate Facebook banner

Clicking on the banner above will take you to the Passionate About Photography Facebook page. Weekly photoshoots scheduled to be held in the southeast corner of Queensland are listed there. These shoots are free for models to attend, however, they do need to sign a Model Release form if they are eighteen years or older, or have a parent sign one on their behalf if under age. Models will have free access to file copies of all edited photos that have been taken of them.

As you can see from the banner there is a web site associated with the Facebook page called Passionate About Photography.

Other photography sites include:

Ian Does Photography

Ian Does Photo Art

I am a Premium Photographer with Image Brief, and my profile can be viewed by clicking on the links. At that site I also have a marketplace at which any of my ten thousand plus images may be instantly purchased with a royalty-free license. The marketplace of images can be easily searched using key words, or if you prefer there is a reverse image search. All you need to do is drop your image into the search box and similar images will be found for you.

Image Brief


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