Hub Garden is a group of web sites on various topics. You are able to earn money by writing on these hubs.

These hubs work in a similar way to Weekend Notes. Advertisements will appear on each published article page, and the revenue earned from people clicking on the links to the articles will be shared with the authors.

You do not have to be an author with Weekend Notes to be an author on one of the hubs in Hub Garden. But, I suggest you become an author for Weekend Notes first. That way, all of your statistics and relevant income information will be kept together. Just click on any of the links in this paragraph to apply to become an author for Weekend Notes.

The following list of hubs are the hubs for which I am the chief editor. You are welcome to click on any of the hub links and submit articles. They will come to me for approval for publication.

As with Weekend Notes, the articles will not be published if there are spelling and grammar mistakes. So it is important to ensure that they have been proof read before sending them off to the editor (me), for approval to be published.

Also, a relevant photo or graphic needs to accompany each article. These can be taken with a smart phone or inexpensive camera. However, don’t post any photos for which you do not have the copyright, or are not public domain photos.


Sayings and Quotes

Do you have a favourite saying or some favourite quotes? You can publish them here. Just click on the link to get started.

Carbon Footprint

On this hub you can publish anything to do with any aspect of conservation, global warming, population growth, power generation or anything related. Everyone has views on these matters, write about them here.


We all share the emotion of “love”. Whether that love is for a partner, members of our family, our pets or even places or our favourite foods. You can write about it here.


Write here on any aspect of education.


Write here on any aspect of beauty. It can be beauty from a personal perspective, beautiful people or beautiful scenery. What are the beautiful things in your life?

South-east Queensland

South-east Queensland covers the sout-east corner of our state. This includes: Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Moreton Shire Region, Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Beaudesert and The Scenic Rim.

You are invited to submit articles on any aspect of any of these and other places in the south-east corner of our state which I have not mentioned.


Anything “Aussie” can be included here. Aussie customs, Aussie slang, Aussie animals, Aussie plants or Aussie People.

What If

There are thousands of “What if” scenarios that can be written about here. However, if you are proposing a “What if” scenario do not write it as a question. Hub Garden has restrictions on using questions in titles of articles. Questions can be asked, but you need to accumulate “Karma” points first.


Food is something all of us enjoy. For this hub you can write on any aspect of food. It may be about a meal you have enjoyed. It can even be a favourite recipe.


All of us are a part of a culture. All of us have culture. Write on any aspect of culture for this hub.


Diversity is all about differences. Pros and cons or any aspect of diversity can be written about here.


What places are of interest to you? Why? Do you have any relevant photos? The places can be a country, a district, a city or any other place.



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