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This page was first published on Thursday 1 September 2016.
Spring has sprung!

Image Brief is an international agency based in New York which was started by a couple of Aussies. Many thousands of photographers are listed with them, including me. I have Premier Photographer status with them, which allows me to submit unlimited photos to any of their briefs.

Many large multinational companies as well as smaller firms and even individuals are clients of Image Brief. They operate differently from traditional stock photo agencies. Basically a firm such as a book publisher may require a photograph meeting certain criteria for say a book cover. Usually these are required quickly with sometimes only one or two day’s notice. Instead of the firm requiring the particular shot going to a commercial photographer and organising a shoot, they give the brief of their requirements to Image Brief.

The minimum paid to Image Brief for an image is $250.00, but this can increase up to several hundreds of dollars depending upon a variety of factors. Of these amounts, the successful photographers will receive approximately half. This also depends on a variety of factors.

Now, this can be a WIN/WIN situation for all those involved: the client, Image Brief, the photographer (me) and the potential model (you).

I am unable to submit photographs to many of the briefs promoted, because they are of specific restaurants, buildings or people anywhere in the world. But, many of the more generic ones I do submit photographs for from my own library of photographs.

As of today I decided to get a bit more aggressive in my approach to submission of photographs and to try to obtain potential photographs meeting given criteria with models who are willing to work with me at shot notice in return for a possible financial reward.

The number of briefs posted each week varies considerably, but today there were quite a few with possibilities. I have decided to place details of the interesting ones here for you to consider being involved with.

If you are involved in any of these specific shoots at short notice and one of my photographs of you is submitted and is successful, I will get paid, and so will you.

Here is what I propose.

Models will be paid for a successful submission from these shoots Au$80.00 up to Au$200.00. (Those amounts are gross amounts and will be shared equally by the models if there is more than one model in the successful shot). In the event that my submission is not successful, neither you or I will get paid, and the shoot will effectively be a TFP shoot. However, I will make available to you file copies of all the edited shots from the shoot as I do with my regular TFP shoots at no charge. In addition for helping me out at short notice I shall also organise a token photographic gift from the shoot for you. This will not be of the same value of the cash payment you could receive, but is a way for me to say thank you.

The posts below are those which are current. Remember, these usually give only one or two day’s notice so shoots will have to be organised fairly urgently. If any of these interest you, please text me on 0403 543 827, or send me a personal message on Facebook.

I look forward to working with you.

Ian McKenzie

Current Briefs - 7 September, 2016

Asian young couple taking a selfie.

Au $80 for successful shot


There are no other briefs currently available

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