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Ian McKenzie

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Ian McKenzie is available to write promotional articles to assist in marketing your business.

Weekend Notes is an online information portal for which I write. You can view my personal profile on Weekend Notes by clicking on the link.

If you would like to subscribe to my articles on Weekend Notes and have links to them e-mailed to you after publication, then click on the subscribe to my articles link.

Anyone can write for Weekend Notes after passing a very simple test to ensure you have a reasonable knowledge of grammar, spelling and being able to present content that is easily readable. Articles can be written on places all over the world. The current list is extensive, and a request can be sent for additional places to be added if they are no currently on the list.

To apply to be a writer on Weekend Notes, just click on the apply to be a writer link.

What are the advantages of writing for Weekend Notes?

Well, there are several.

Your writing and journalism skills will improve with practice. Your signature can appear at the top of each article which you have had published. Your signature can include a link to your web site(s). For example, my signature has a link to my book writing and publishing web site in addition to a link back to this web site.

What is even more important is that you can earn money through publishing articles on Weekend Notes. It is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact unless you are an exceptional writer producing many popular articles, you probably will not even get rich by writing for Weekend Notes. But, you can earn money by doing so.

Here is my understanding of how it works.

Each article that is published by Weekend Notes has advertising appearing on the page. Every time the link to the article page is clicked on, revenue is earned by Weekend Notes. It’s not a lot, but cents add up to become dollars. This revenue is shared by Weekend Notes with the authors of the articles.

You may earn only a few cents a day, or even a few cents a week from each of your articles. But, that money will keep coming in weeks, months and years from now. The name of the game is to keep submitting articles, because the more articles you have, the greater will be your potential income over time.

Every writer has a “writers page” on which you can see at a glance what income has been earned from each article you have written.


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