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I am just in the process of rebuilding this site. Originally it was just on freelance writing. All the content that was on the site is still here. If you click on the Writing tab, it will take you to the page which was originally the home page for the site. All of its sub-pages will appear on the left after you go to it.

The other pages linked to the left; Photography, Acting, Presenting, will not have very much content for a while. But, I am making provision for the future, and in due course there will be additions.

The banner above is the banner on the Facebook page associated with this site. Clicking on the banner, or this link will take you to it. “Likes” are always appreciated, and can of course be reciprocated.

Talking of reciprocating, I posted my first photos on Instagram this week. Yeah! I know, you and everyone else have been on it for ages.

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